Accommodation & Food


  • Two gyms are provided to cuddle with your teammates.
  • Showers are both at the fields and at the gyms.
  • Pensions are available in the village, please contact if you need any help or information.



Two healthy breakfasts and one delicious dinner are served in the hall right next to the sleeping gym.

  • Breakfast is in the Foyer from xx to xx. Please bring your own plate/bowl, cutlery and cup. We won't be providing any.
  • Dinner is served from xx to xx. Please don't forget to bring your coupons.
  • During the day you can buy food and drinks from our yummy buffet at the fields. Choose from homemade salads and cakes to tasty vegetarian meals.



 The Party will be rocked by our unicorn-friendly band "Jelly and the Goat". Shake your body to their amazing music and don't forget to have a drink with them.

Afterwards "DJ Nexum" will rock the stage. 

That's all?

No, we have a swimming pool next to the fields which you can use for free! 😀